About KC Bit

Competitive pricing, fast, reliable services

KC Bit is a family owned and operated international supplier of drill bits with over 50 years of combined experience. We provide drill bits for oil and gas drilling, workover, horzontal road boring, and geothermal and water well drilling.

  • Oil and Gas Drilling Bits – pdc, tooth and button bits all manufactured to gauge for your specific needs
  • Workover Bits – drag bits and mills
  • Horizontal Road Boring – Atlas Copco HDD button bits, hole openers, pdc push and pull reamers
  • Geothermal and Water Well Drilling – New and retip tooth bits, new and rerun button bits, hole openers In addition to quality products, we offer services as well.
  • Retipping – Our retippers have more than 50 years combine
  • PDC Repair – State of the art repair facility
  • Hole opener Repair – We can repair your tricone or pdc hole opener
  • Customer Service – We know the volatility of this business and understand the importance of your bottom line.

That’s why our pricing is the most competitive in the business. So call, text or e-mail us today. Drill bits. It’s all we do. It’s all we know. And all we’ve ever done.

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